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Annual Day of Giving

As you browse our website, you will notice Make My Day Hawaii’s Annual Day of Giving and various other fundraising events our organization hosts. Make My Day Hawaii’s Day of Giving is a memorial to Eric MacCammond, the inspiration for Make My Day Hawaii, as the community’s giving is what enabled him to pursue his artistic talent and continue his successful love story. This premiere annual event is highlights youth achievements and passes in-kind donations from our sponsors through the hands of Make My Day Hawaii to those of young achievers in the arts and music. In example, over the past decade, our premier fashion and advertising model mentor program has awarded over 560 apprentices with professional websites to showcase their talent and provide opportunity for employment and over 190 apprentices have been employed.

As with all of Make My Day Hawaii’s programs and events, the annual Day of Giving provides a chance for participants to convey positive messages promoting drug, alcohol, and tobacco free lifestyles, art and music education, good nutrition, and recycling practices to the public. All participants receive awards and take part in fundraising by selling tickets. The youth take pride in their achievements. By employing youth achievers to take part in public awareness and promotion of the arts, our fundraising programs provide the opportunity to share their achievements with the public, build self esteem, and learn valuable life skills through self promotion and small business; as part of the mentor program is directed to turn creative skills into marketable products. Our fundraising program, extends beyond the annual Day of Giving, hosting public performances in the arts and music, with additional lucky ticket drawings. In example, at our Maui Event, we gifted a Fender guitar autographed by Willie K., a local music legend.

We hope to build a foundation to inspire international entertainers and stars of the arts to visit our islands and Help Save the Arts and Music in Hawaii’s Schools. Additionally our fundraising will spearhead initiatives to encourage elders to support the youths creative talents through effective communication and help with students’ needed supplies in their journey of the arts.

Our fundraising events are expanding along with our programs, so keep an eye on our events page or donate now.

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