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Program Expansion

Make My Day Hawaii is pleased to announce, the expansion of our successful Mentor Program and birth of Make My Day Hawaii’s Art/Music Cooperative.

Over the past decade our accomplishments have reached over 562 youth awards given, 195 apprentices employed, and successful large budget projects such as publishing our book and full development of our feature full length film premiered at multiple film festivals promoting Hawaii and art & music education.

It is time to expand, using our successful mentor program as a template and introducing our Artist/Musician Cooperative. Our expansion is in response to many requests from youths for more mentor programs. To meet this demand, our dedicated volunteers have found over 125 professional mentors to fulfill mentor roles as part of Make My Day Hawaii’s Artist/Musician Cooperative, providing opportunity and entertainment in the arts for all ages.

In 2010, mentoring programs will be held weekly highlighting one artist each week with each program running one to three weeks and a completed project at the end. A cooperative monthly showcase will highlight our mentor/apprentice talent during an evening of art and music, to raise awareness in the community, provide culture and entertainment for our rural neighbors, and creating an inlet for donations.

The program expansion is intended to enrich students’ creativity and create mentors and role models for future generations while providing a substance free environment and activities.

Please Help Save the Arts and Music in Hawaii’s Schools. Donate Now.

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