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Eric's Story

The Insperation and spirit behind Make My Day Hawaii and its creation is Eric MacCamond.

Eric was a Lahainaluna student challenged with a rare child's bone cancer. For three years the communities of Maui, The Big Island, and the State of Hawaii supported Eric to accomplish a true success and love story.

Eric's will to live was seen by his friends, family, and loved ones and are documented with their written testimonials. Eric asked his mother to put his artwork into a book to share his artwork, hopes, dreams as well as to inspire others.

A Message From Eric's Mother

Aloha, my name is Debra Bridgers, Mother, Author, and Founder of the Make My Day Hawaii non-profit organization.

I recently released an independent film of my son Eric's "make a wish" mission to Save the Music & Arts for Hawaii public schools. I was inspiried by the kind act of giving from Clint & Dina Eastwood at the Maui Film Feastival 2002. It was Eric's wish to give an original black & white portiat of Mr Eastwood to him and ask for his support of Eric’s wish for the children of Hawaii. I was successful meeting them and they responded with a kind note and a check to help found the 501c3 foundation Make My Day Hawaii.

I remember the last thing I gave my son was a little black and green sand. I put the sand in his pockets for his heavenly adventure. I left Texas and arrived at our Pohue Bay beach house on the Big Island of Hawaii.

A friend, who was working on the cabin while Eric and I were away, was to start a bath house foundation. As he drove me to the wooden gate of the "Lavarosa", I saw the foundation, and in the center was a black sands moon and a lone star of green sand. I ran to it, and put my hands on it, and cheered loudly "my son you made it home" at the thought of Eric’s annual quote in my holiday cards…. “I love you more than the moon and stars but forever I will be your sun.”

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